Ms. X . . . Section One

UPDATE – August 1, 2019
At one time, I posted the entire half of my book here, but now that I’m seeking publishing, I have taken it down.

Do not despair! You can read the entire book!

I’m looking for help to proofread. (Didn’t get the Kickstarter funded, remember? Have to do all the editing and proofing myself.)

SO the deal is, hit me up at, or by clicking here for the contact form,
and I’ll send you Ms. X for free!

No strings attached. I just want as many eyeballs on my book as I can before I start shopping her.


I’m launching a Kickstarter for this bad boy in a few weeks, (there, I said it so I have to do it now) so I thought I’d publish the updated version of the first section of Ms. X.  I’m getting some great feedback from people on this . . . many thanks!  

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Think of this story as . . .  Wonder Woman meets Deadpool.  With a little bit of Buffy the Vampire Slayer thrown in.

Raney Winter was your typical Gen-Exer – with all the stereotypical Gen-Ex problems, issues, and insecurities: crushing debt, self-doubt, grey hairs, blah blah blah. Her life was the balancing combination between multiple failed attempts at finding her place in this world, helping her best friend and his partner solve crimes at his floundering detective agency, and keeping her cat happy.

Then one day she woke up and discovered she could fly.

Follow Raney’s journey to find her new identity, save a city, and maybe – along the way – save herself.


Ms. X.

by Marti Kole



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