Wanna read Ms. X FOR FREE?

Read my new book FOR FREE!!

Yes, I said FREE.

The only thing I need from you is if you see a typo or a mistake, you shoot me an email.

Proofreading. It’s called proofreading. I need help. I’m up to my eyeballs in editing.


As my fans know, (all five of you . . . hello out there, I see you and love you!) I launched a failed Kickstarter last year in order to hire help for proofing and editing so I could get my novel all spiffied up to start pitching to agents.

Or whatever you do to get a book published.

I’m already burning the candles and dancing naked around bonfires chanting.



ANYWHO, I hauled off and moved halfway across the country, (unrelated life change – has nothing to do with Ms. X) and am now in full-blown author/editor/proofreader/slash bonfire dancing and candle burning to appease the publishing spirits so I can have a successful book.

If you’d like to help me, (or just want a very cool sci-fi superhero book to read) here’s all you have to do. . .

Email me at MediaPsychMarti@gmail.com and tell me you’d like the book. That’s it. You can also hit the contact button above, or click here and fill out my contact form on the blog here.

I’ll send you the book. If you find something amiss, please let me know. That’s it.


What’s my book about?

Frustrated with origin stories where characters get superpowers in adolescence or are simply born with them, I wondered why I’d never seen a story featuring someone who mysteriously gets superpowers later in life.

So I decided to write one.

Raney Winter is a 38-year-old Gen Exer who wakes up one morning and discovers she can fly. No idea why or how, but she can fly! She’s already dealing with a dozen other real-life problems, now what in the hell is she supposed to do with this?

This is not your typical superhero story. Think of it as Deadpool meets Wonder Woman. There’s swearing, violence, humor, science fiction, fantasy . . . something for everyone.

Check out the Kickstarter promo video for more information:


Or just, you know, just message me and read it. 😎

Much love and many thanks!


Email me here: MediaPsychMarti@gmail.com
Contact me here: Contact Page

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