Ms. X . . . Section One

UPDATE – August 1, 2019 At one time, I posted the entire half of my book here, but now that I’m seeking publishing, I have taken it down. Do not despair! You can read the entire book! I’m looking for help to proofread. (Didn’t get the Kickstarter funded, remember? Have to do all the editing … Continue reading Ms. X . . . Section One

Angel Down – A Section from My Book, Ms. X

UPDATE - August 3, 2019 Read the whole book! I'm proofreading and editing to start pitching to agents, and need more eyeballs! CLICK HERE for more information . . .   No, it's not finished yet.  But I am almost done.  I'm over 51,000 words at the moment, and happily climbing.     THIS IS NOT … Continue reading Angel Down – A Section from My Book, Ms. X